Install the vss-cli


If you would like to avoid the dependencies hassle, give a try to the vss-cli on Run the vss-cli in Docker approach.


Windows users, follow the installation instructions Installing Python on Windows and add %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\Scripts to PATH environment variable prior running pip.

The fastest way to install VSS CLI is to use pip:

pip install vss-cli

If you are planning to interact with vskey-stor execute the following command:

pip install vss-cli[stor]

The command will install minio package from PyPI.


Windows users, please install windows-curses and vss-cli as follows pip install --user vss-cli windows-curses.


Linux operating systems require python3-dev and python3-setuptools.

Use Homebrew to install the vss-cli on macOS:

brew tap vss/vss-cli
brew install vss-cli

You can also just download the tarball. Once you have the vss-cli directory structure on your workstation, you can just run:

cd path_to_vss-cli
python install